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Thumb Butte Distillery Craft Distillers

The Authentic Spirit of Prescott, Arizona

What does it mean to be authentic?  This is a question that we ask every day.  It starts with doing it ourselves, by hand, from the ground up.  We formulate every mash, nursemaid our fermentation, save valuable yeasts and flavors to contribute to future batches, distill, age and bottle right here in the Central Highlands of Arizona.

Just like our favorite chefs, we respect the integrity of our ingredients and believe in sourcing local whenever possible.  There has been a renaissance of grain growing in the southeastern sector of Arizona.  This particular part of the state gets more predictable Monsoon rains and since it is south of the end of the Rocky Mountains it has some similarity and proximity to the Great Plains. 

The individual farmers and farm families are growing at least five strains of wheat, three barleys and some rye.  The newly available grains are contributing to the variety of whiskeys that we are able to distill and are contributing to our renewed passion to develop Arizona specific spirits and a constant stream of “Special Editions”.  These creative farmers are providing some of the best flours for Arizona bakers like Chris and Marco Bianco who produce the best pizza and bread available.  They also provide flour for Barrio Bread in Tucson which makes a complex, traditional loaf that will bring tears to the eyes of all gluten lovers.

Our Tasting Room door is open. (Sign up for a Tour & Tasting package!) We’re waiting to pour a shot for you, make you a signature cocktail and sell you a bottle.  Thumb Butte Distillery is continuing the great western tradition of creating spirits from local grains, herbs and fruits that we have on hand, straight from the land.  This is work that comes from our hearts.  We make vodka, gin and whiskeys with pride and an intent to make the best tasting spirits for you – one small batch at a time.  They didn’t start calling it spirits by chance.

What does it mean to be authentic?  You tell us when you taste it.

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The Distillery is available for booking your private parties, as well as our Thumb Butte crew tending to your special events at other specified locations. Call us to schedule your event now (928)443-8498 or drop us an email at   (Want to see  more? Photos are here.)