The Authentic Spirit of Prescott, Arizona

What does it mean to be authentic? Doing it ourselves, by hand, from the ground up. Every drop is formulated, fermented, distilled, bottled, labeled and shipped from Prescott right here in the central highlands of Arizona. We use time-honored methods in harmony with the innovations and zeitgeist of our high-spirited times. We believe in respecting the integrity of pure ingredients, without being afraid to conjure the magic of this sacred art, infusing this drink with the true spark of our own unique alchemical artistry. Our door is open. We’re waiting to pour a shot for you. Thumb Butte Distillery is continuing the great western tradition of creating excellent spirits from grains, herbs and flavors that we have on hand, straight from the land. It’s a noble quest that comes from the heart. We make vodka, gin, rum and whiskey with pride and an intent to make the best tasting products known to man – one small bold batch at a time. We also carry a line of bitters which we produce right here in Prescott, Arizona. They didn’t start calling it spirits by chance. What does it mean to be authentic? You’ll know when you taste it.

Tastings & Tours

Hours of Opperation

Wed.   12-4

Thurs. 12-6

Fri.      12-6

Sat.     12-6

Tastings and Tours will not be offered during events (But we’re not stingy, we’re happy to share a taste or two if you’re undecided about which of our Fine Spirits you’d like to have in your cocktail or bottle to-go) Call for a private group tour 928-443-8498










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