Dana Murdock
I am a generalist not a specialist. That has always worked well for me but now I have a need to be “special” in the distilling business.

I have been an artisan baker in Santa Barbara and Ventura California, an importer of goods from Central American to Alaska, a management engineer in health care, a bartender, a home builder and a potter. I grew up in Salt Lake City and went to school there from junor high to college. Now I am applying my quiver of miscellaneous skills to our craft distillery.

My knowledge of wild and exotic yeasts comes in handy and I have been drinking for many years without ever being a quitter. I am learning the chemistry and the artistry of distilling, working on bottle shapes, labels and (my favorite part) writing the stories that go on the labels. I am also writing the blog for the distillery. I am hoping that it counts as being a published writer if your mode of publication is on liquor bottles.

My goal here at Thumb Butte is to work with my partners to produce, market and sell the best products that we can make, where my heart is, here in the American West.


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