Rodeo Rye Whiskey

What to Expect:

Thumb Butte Distillery’s Rodeo Rye whiskey is 90% Rye whiskey, a true whiskey of the west.  This top shelf rye whiskey brings out the robust flavors of rye, including vanilla, caramel, pepper and oak.  These deeply rich flavors come out over ice, but make a wonderful addition to a Sazerac, or Old Fashioned.

2015 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition Bronze Medal!

Come to our Tasting Room and experience this neat, over ice, or in one of our favorite craft cocktails.

Thumb Butte Distillery Rough Rider
1.5 ounces Thumb Butte Distillery Rodeo Rye Whiskey
2 ounces Apple Cider
4 dashes Thumb Butte Distillery’s Pear Bitters

Combine in a chilled cocktail glass with ice.

Why is called Rodeo Rye?!
My mother likes to say Row-day-o. But of course she has it wrong. Some women (and more than a few men) just don’t get the mystique of the West. They don’t crave the smell of sagebrush after a summer rain; don’t get the appeal of a sweaty horse or the snap and crackle of a Pinion Pine campfire. But, the one thing they do get is Steve McQueen.

Some women have been known to pretend differently. Depending on their age group they might profess a desire for Victor Mature, Walter Matthau or the young Richard Dreyfus. But, deep down it is McQueen who quickens the pulse of women of all ages. For some it is Thomas Crown. Others fall into the Bullitt contingent but the largest group of all is the Junior Bonner aficionados.

All men can celebrate the Junior Bonner inside with a shot of our 1888 Rodeo Rye distilled right here in Prescott, Arizona, home of the world’s oldest Rodeo and Junior Bonner. Perhaps, here on Whiskey Row, you may even find a former Rodeo Queen with a taste for Rye.

If you do get into a fight you can also clean out your wounds with our 1888 Rodeo Rye.

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