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Our Single Malt whiskey is made with malted barley from Great Britian. This is only our fourth batch of single malt here at Thumb Butte Distillery. The first two batches sold out quickly. Our whiskey is aged with oak previously used for our Bloody Basin Bourbon and then finished with used Oloroso Sherry oak. We are proud of our single malt, from the lightly smoky nose to the delicate golden color it is a real treat in the glass.

Malted barley is created by adding water to the barley to germinate the seeds. Then the grain is heated to stop germination. The malting process releases enzymes that help convert the available starches to sugar. The malt is then cooked in the mash tun and transferred to the fermenter where yeast is added. After fermentation and distillation the whiskey is proofed down to about 125 proof and it goes on the oak to age.


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Single Malt





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