Escalante Dark Rum

What to Expect:

Thumb Butte Distillery’s Escalante Dark Rum is not your ordinary rum.  Distilled using panela, a raw sugar from South America, this top shelf sipping rum is closely related to the rums of the Caribbean or South America. 

Our rum is aged in oak barrels to create a wide range of delicious  flavors.  Try over ice or use in any rum based cocktail.  Makes a wonderful mojito.

We regret to tell our fans, this rum is temporarily out of stock so please check back with us in the fall when we expect to have next batch bottled!


Having been an avid fan of the journals of Lewis and Clark I believed that we could mine journal of the 1776 Domingues Escalante expedition for great daily details. Lewis and Clark noted what they ate for dinner and what they drank.

Frey Escalante and Frey Dominguez described every arroyo, shrub, outcropping of rock and the trails of animals but did very little documenting of their daily cooking and housekeeping. Imagining that they came up from Mexico and Central Mexico we could assume that they brought a supply of consecrated wine for mass and barrels of rum for medicinal purposes and a little lift at the end of the long day of exploration and proselytizing. I could find no mention of wine or rum.

As you can see from the map on our front and back label we live almost in the middle of the Domingues/Escalante circumnavigation of the American Southwest. Although this not the scale of Magellan, a dram or two of rum in the evenings would have been welcomed.

We have designed our rum using the same Panela sugar available in 1776 in the Caribbean, Central and South America and Mexico. This sugar has a rich dark smooth flavor that makes great rum. We age our rum in charred oak barrels until it flows like dark honey into your cup or is the base of your favorite cocktail. Lift your cup to Frey Dominguez and Escalante, whose name has survived in the annals of the Department of the Interior’s Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument.

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