Bloody Basin Bourbon

Just southeast of Prescott off Interstate HWY 17 lies Bloody Basin. This was the location of a reprisal attack by the military against a band of Tonto Apaches.

In March of 1873 this band of Tonto Apaches attacked and killed a party of three settlers. This attack by the Tonto spurred a strong reprisal by Captain George Randall who was under the general command of General George Crook.

They located the Tonto Apaches at Turret Peak, a Yavapai stronghold. Randall and a group of soldiers and scouts crept up Turret Peak at midnight, and at dawn they attacked. The Apaches were taken by surprise and many jumped to their death off the precipice. The rest were killed or surrendered. The number of Apaches killed varies by account from 26 to 57. After this incident the Apache resistance quickly dissipated and most of the Tonto band was resettled to the San Carlos Reservation, not to return for many years.

We hope that our Bloody Basin Bourbon inspires you to take an interest in the history of our region and the West as a whole. You will find it fascinating, and we will help you through any sinking spells. Take a pull from your Thumb Butte Flask, read the history, and try to accept the shared fault, ambiguity and guile from all players.

What to expect:

Thumb Butte Distillery’s Bloody Basin Bourbon is a deep, dark, richly flavored bourbon.  Showing hints of vanilla, butter scotch, caramel and rye spice this top shelf bourbon stands alone in quality.  Aged in new #4 charred American oak barrels this bourbon makes a great addition to any cocktail, but try neat or over ice for a truly wonderful experience.

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