This cold weather makes me think of things that warm me up.  There is always the wool long underwear that is something of an anti-fashion statement and the lovely, internally warming Hot Buttered Rum.  That is also the name of a charming winter song by Rosalie Sorrels.

The first time I had a Hot Buttered Rum was in Alaska during the pipeline construction in 1975.  We were at the ski resort Alyeska for the day and then went to the Double Musky to warm up.  Those warm rum drinks did the trick.

The other songs that remind me of winter are Johnny Mathis singing “The Christmas Song” and for some strange reason Lenny Welch singing”You Made Me Leave my Happy Home”.  It probably has to do with making out in a cold car with the radio on.  One of my boyfriends had a TR3 and the side curtains would get fogged up but if you wiped them from the inside if would leave permanent marks.  That was one cold little English car.

All of this musing about the cold winters of the past has inspired me to create a warm drink for all of you.  During December we are serving our house made Hot Buttered Rum.  Our version is made with our Pear Spiced Rum, butter, brown sugar and a blend of freshly ground spices.  Warm up your tummy.

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