Worries and Foxes

I guess we all need things to worry about.  Space junk, meteorites, foreigners and now the evidence that mule meat sold by Walmart in China contains fox meat.  Hard to believe, I know.  One comment that I read queried, “isn’t fox meat more expensive than mule meat?”.  Undoubtedly so, but is it better in a burger?

Walmart grosses only 1 Trillion dollars in sales in China right now and has plans to add 100 new outlets.  That’s a lot of foxes.Here at Thumb Butte we are worried about the color of our FRP (fiberglass reinforced panels) and how deep the trenches need to be for our new waste lines.  Mundane little issues but close to our heart.We are really focusing on the mash bill for our single malt whiskey and the herbs that will come through the infuser in our Western Gin.  The British actor, that portrayed the marine who became a terrorist on Homeland stated that he believed the citizens of the USA were motivated and controlled by fear.  While there are many real things that cause fear, including Mothra and Rodan, who are actually Japanese, you will not fear the authenticity of our products.We are really in the trenches now, literally and figuratively.  Bottles ordered, labels confirmed, sign to go up next week.

Here is a New Year’s photo from my little road-trip.

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