Bear arriving at the distillery


It almost has the same feeling as being pregnant, everything is in suspension.  We are “expecting” our TTB license by next week and our building permits, for the remodeling, by Monday.

Bids for concrete, bids on plumbing, bids for the huge new fort that will surround our dumpster.  This will make the dumpster cosmetically acceptable.  Is this even possible?  And what is wrong with cracks in concrete anyway?  Isn’t that where the “light gets in” according to Leonard Cohen?
bear arriving by truck to the delight of 3 men

I could use a little light today.  Feeling buried in credit applications from wholesalers, decisions about bottles – China or Canada- decisions about corks, labels, logo, merchandise, etc.

I just reread Duane’s Depressed by Larry McMurtry. This book is a sequel to The Last Picture Show by about 45 years.  The protagonist is now 62 and disappointed in general about life.  He has done what was expected, done the right thing, but feels personally disappointed.  How do you justify life in your 60’s and 70’s.  Do you still need to learn and grow and contribute or is golf, TV, shopping and trips in motor homes enough?  I think that by the end of the book Duane figures it out and gives hope to the rest of us.

Making vodka, gin and whiskey may get us over this hump of questioning for awhile but hopefully we will feel the challenge every day of making the best product and being fully engaged with the world.  That may be too much to ask from a bottle of spirits but just maybe they didn’t start calling it spirits by chance.

This is our bear arriving at the distillery.  He will be our mascot.  We will keep you posted on his movements.

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